Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am no ones motivation
I am free to go
Unacknowledged precipitation
Nurturing wherever I show

I am no ones shelter
I am not a storm
Seeking to be your helper
Break you from the norm

I am the lending hand
I am invisible
(you can't see me)
My offer always stands
And will give of it freely

I am the graveyard shift
I am neither sweet nor sour
This fog will never lift
No more sun for your flower

I am an empty suggestion box
I am no ones home
Falling asleep to the ticking clocks
Sharing this solace alone

- Insolence is Bliss


  1. You are truly an incredible incredible writer. You have no reason to be worried about being an adequate person. You are above and beyond adequate.

  2. I completely agree. This was absolutely incredible. You have become one of my favorites over the weeks since I found you. And honestly...this was so so good. And that doesn't even come close to being good enough of a description of how amazing you are.

    You are truly and beautifully gifted. Don't ever stop.

  3. What she said^
    Times 10 if that's possible