Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Rascals and Love

Love is how the moon looks better when you're alone.

Love is the call you didn't answer on purpose to save the voicemail so you could always have her voice.

Love is catching your first leaf as it falls from the tree.

Love is a snowball fight that I forgot to wear gloves.

Love is the after-glance you give after you say something funny, when your head is half turned away.

Love is the headphones that I broke because reality finally began to sound better.

Love is turning a piece of paper into a crane.

Love is the misspelled tattoo you left on my brain.

Love is the initials we carved that ended up killing your favorite tree.

Love is reading through all your blog posts, no matter how long they are and if they have a lot of comments or not.

Love is the pair of new shoes I got in 3rd grade that I went around showing off to everyone.

Love is trying on glasses for the first time.

Love is mispronouncing my name, and how you are the only one I'm okay with doing that.

Love is the one part of the school you hang around enough to claim it as your territory.

Love is how your eyes breathed life into mine whenever we made unexpected eye contact.

Love is wanting to walk on my hands for a day to see what the view is like.

Love is the handwritten note from the stranger who knew exactly what you needed to hear.

Love is when I'm wanting to play with your hair more than playing video games.

Love is knowing all the words to a song you've never heard before.

Love is how I enjoyed kissing your forehead more than your lips, and realizing the movies all lied.

Love is Alfalfa, the underdog. The man who saw love and sought it out persistently.

Love is Waldo, the guy who has it all, but somehow has it all taken away from him.

Love is Insolence, who unlike the other two, was ultimately never given a chance.


  1. "love is the headphones I broke because reality finally began to sound better."

    Stolen.stolen.stolen. brilliant.

  2. Dude. Why the hell have I not come across your blog. I mean really though this was amazing.

  3. No but really though. Rilly tho. Reelee thoh.
    Just shouting your words out loud for my whole famly to hear, for someone, anyone to hear.

  4. Love is this. The forehead thing? Golden. Golden.