Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flesh and Bones

Going about my daily routine
People pass me by
Walking, talking, laughing crying,
Living in their sphere of existence
Nothing but heaps of 
Flesh and Bones

Sat in class
Learned interesting facts
About dead folks
Whose history is supposed to matter to me
Yet now they are silently decaying
Flesh and Bones

Conversation is a thing I cherish
Being with others
Ideas, questions, answers
Jokes, quotes, thoughts
strengths, weaknesses, feelings
that all belong to some
Flesh and Bones

A house that I live in
The others there defined as family
They brought me here
To this strange and beautiful world
Our DNA is alike
Other than my stepmom
But that doesn't limit what to consider family
Does it mean anything to have similar
Flesh and Bones

Holding a hand has great significance
But what am I grasping
Hugs are always soothing
Yet what do I embrace
Kissing is quite enjoyable
But tongues and lips are really gross if you think about it
So what am I locking lips with
Flesh and Bones
(and maybe hormones)

To eat is to survive
for a natural need and satisfaction
To feed a growth, a hunger
Organic and synthetic,
Cravings and comforts,
Preservatives and indulgences
We are only sustaining
Flesh and Bones

Mitochondria, nucleus and whatever else I learned in Biology
God's legos for his human blueprint
Creatures capable of infinite possibilites
Although his work simply amounts to
Flesh and Bones

Sights are seen
Flavor is tasted
Textures are felt
Noise is heard
Aromas are smelt
Life is lived
By the guy who wrote this poem
Even though he is just 
Flesh and Bones

This is one of the first things that I wrote that I was ever proud of, and it was probably over two years ago. Start of high school or so. I am posting it because I enjoy it and want it documented, but also so you can see the evolution of my writing from then til now. Thanks to everyone who still reads this blog, even though most of you left Paris. I bought an apartment there, and you're all welcome for dinner sometime. Heck, you can all stay if you want.

-Your Captain, Insolence is Bliss


  1. ...that doesn't limit what to consider family

    Love the idea behind this post.

  2. oh my gojndkfjhndlfujdoiruhsjdlf. you should probably never read my blog from two years ago because this puts that to shame. also hailey brooks loves you and says you are good at everything.

  3. "and maybe hormones"
    "God's legos for his human blueprint"
    freaking... yes! I love this!! This is something to be proud of.. heck I'm proud just to have read it. Even 2 years ago you were a better writer than I am now!

    PS. totally taking you up on dinner

  4. you have right to be proud of this! it is excellent! so excellent! x