Thursday, October 24, 2013

Too Much To Eat

I have too much on my plate
Of various kinds of food
The aromas are indulging
And yet I want to brood

This dilemma of my stomach
Not enough room for all
A self-induced hunger
Is the cause for my withdrawal

Should I eat what I can
 And throw the rest away
Or avoid it all -- have nothing
Let consequence hit full sway

Will the judgement feel lessened
To partake of all but a few
Unless the remains look lonely
Leaving me guilty and confused

Dessert on the table is tempting
I think I'll have just one bite
Then I regain my awareness
Realize I feasted all night

People were hoping I'd eaten
And gained a healthy pride
Instead I did the opposite
Had fed my gluttonous side

Leftovers are typically good
Yet unsure if they'll be ripe
As tasteless, bland, unsavory
Are traits that aren't my type

Continual lack of calories
Would define me as anorexic
Though it's not what I want
Causing my health to be hectic

Putting it off then bingeing
That makes one a bulimic
While some food will be eaten
The effect will leave me sick

I cannot handle this concern
Feel as if I'm wasting my breath
Time to throw in the towel
Embrace an almost timely death.

- Insolence is Bliss

1 comment:

  1. Why did this break my heart?
    Food is rough. Eating is complicated.