Monday, July 14, 2014

The Apricot Tree

This spring has brought me such a great surprise,
a nice one, really.

Before my eyes I beheld the most wonderful thing I'd ever laid eyes on.

The Best.

And perhaps the most amazing part of it all
is how year after year
with each season
the tree flawlessly goes through it's cycle.









The weathered bark on the tree has complained to me about the Winter's bite.
And the dark and hard times that accompany it
But what I can't get the tree to realize is how I believe
that an Apricot Tree that always has its
flowers blossoming
and popcorn popping
is boring.

Contrast is what gives the foods their flavor
and is how Helen Keller learned
After all it is you that I savor
and cannot stop from being concerned.

This tree has gates, always open.

Allowing others to come deep into it's branches
and climb around
see the scars on the bark
see the buds that did not grow quite right
see where others had broken it's branches
and by not being careful,
I broke one of the most vital branches myself.

If life could remain as simplistic 
as primary songs
and history class crushes
and swimming lessons

Then maybe my life could be
a little more musical
a little more in love
with a lot less drowning.

And maybe this is all a whole bunch of tangents
Yet I always tend to kite run with you.

For the first time we find ourselves with the kite stuck in the Apricot Tree.

I can take comfort in knowing

Is knowing that in 5 years time

that tree will be more beautiful than ever.

More branches
More scars
More buds

and still popping popcorn.


  1. "that tree will be more beautiful than ever."
    Obviously this was my favorite part.
    Because isn't that what life is about? I think it is.
    This was so beautiful. You are pure magic.

  2. This is brilliant.
    "If life could remain as simplistic as primary songs..."